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Selecting order type and primary domain

Please begin by defining how do you want your primary domain to be registered. * Fields marked with asterisk are mandatory.

Selecting this option we will register a new domain for you, which will be used on your web hosting package as a primary domain. Please search available domain below.

You already have an existing domain, which you want to transfer to us and buy a new web hosting package for it. We will take care of domain transfer and renewal in the future. Please submit domain name and its Auth-ID on following fields. If you don't have Auth-ID/EPP key at the moment, you should request it from your current service provider.

* Request EPP key/Auth-ID from your current domain service provider
As soon as possible   On the following date:
On default we will change domain nameservers on the day order is being processed and they will be affective within 24 hours. In case this time is insufficient for you to prepair your web site and e-mail addresses to your new hosting package, you can set transfer initiation to later date. Please note that domain aliases do not have a disk space but only forward to primary domain.

In this option you will take care of domain registration or transfer and modifying nameservers by yourself. Please notice: when selecting this option we will not transfer or renew your domain or modify nameservers. We will just configure a new web hosting service and provide you a nameservers for you to modify to your domain on your current domain registrar.

If you are already our client and want to change your web hosting type or modify your invoicing address, please login to customer portal for these changes.